Difference Between SEO And SMO?


The purpose of online marketing is to make your website more visible to Internet users and potential customers. SEO is one of the most recommended online marketing methods, and next comes the SMO. You can visit https://hamiltonseoagency.ca/ to receive high-quality SEO services at reasonable rates. Many people think that both SEO and SMO are the same. But both are different in many aspects. Social Media Optimization or SMO is a relatively new strategy in the field of online marketing. You can find out more about how marketing experts use Social Media for their online marketing success.

Social Media Optimization

SMO has gained lots of importance due to the increased use of social networks among the masses. People use social media for various activities like job search, communication, entertainment, etc. Owing to increased demand for social media activities, the businesses are using social media platforms to promote their business in the best way as possible. Social media optimization does not just use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but also forums, blogs and other platforms, where business can connect with the audiences.

SMO helps to effectively boost the visibility of the businesses and also generate more leads and customers. By building a presence in social media websites, businesses can get their name and brand familiarized with the masses.


Many people have the misconception that simply seeding the names of the companies or joining the social network like Facebook and Twitter is alone sufficient for achieving the desired result with SMO. Simply spreading or seeding your website or brand name indiscriminately on all the social media platform can even bring bad reputation to the business. So, all social media activities should be handled with proper care and analysis. Many successful business owners know this truth and hence they outsource their SEO and SMO activities to reputable online marketing companies.

Google Hummingbird

Google, the leading Internet search engine, has tweaked its algorithm, which is called Google Hummingbird. As per the new algorithm, Google gives more points to websites with good and quality content. Good content should be informative, relevant, error-free and user-friendly in many aspects.

It is not just in recent time that Google has tweaked its algorithm. Google has been changing its algorithm in a regular and periodical manner to ensure better search engine services to users across the world.

It takes lots of experience and practice to understand how the search engines work and how the new algorithm will have an effect on the websites. This aspect makes many individuals stay away from doing SEO and online marketing on their own.

For online marketing companies, SEO and SMO are their bread and butter. They spend their time in mastering the SEO techniques to deliver promising service to their clients. This is the reason why reputable SEO agencies are able to push their clients’ website to the first page of the search engine result in a short span of time.

Due to increased huge and increasing demand, many SEO companies have mushroomed in recent times. Make sure that you do enough research and analysis to find the right SEO company.

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