People from all over the world live in communities or mingle in a blinding patchwork of culture, combining with the city’s history and endless variation to make London one of the world’s top tourist destinations. If you wish to share Your West End experience with your friends does not hesitate to look on to the website to make envy of your trip.Have you booked your airport shuttle service and ready to explore London?

Money saving tips

Here are a Londoner’s top money-saving tips for making the most of your visit.

Because of cultural as well as London’s status as a financial center and a city blighted by high rents courtesy of property investors, life in the UK capital doesn’t come cheap for visitors. From the moment you step off your airport shuttle, service, food, entertainment and transport all come at a premium. It’s well worth following a few tips to minimize expenditure during your visit.

· Avoid Black Cabs: Keep the number of a good minicab firm handy as the ubiquitous black cabs are enormously overpriced. Booking in advance is another good way to save money on cabs and this goes for airport travel as well. Plan your route in advance and book an airport shuttle service rather than catching a cab on the day. Airport shuttle services travel to and from all London airports, and you’ll find them cheaper than taxis.
· Be Aware Of Expensive Theater & Opera: London has a world famous theatrical tradition, with the West End being considered by many to be the heart of the theater scene. Many West End productions are, however, prohibitively expensive, charging £50 or more per ticket. The opera is similarly famous and even more expensive.
· Expensive Station Restaurants & Pubs: Avoid eating or drinking in station pubs or restaurants – that is, a pub or restaurant in or very close to a busy station unless acting on a trusted recommendation. These establishments often inflate their prices, and have little incentive to court repeat custom, as the high volumes of foot traffic will ensure sufficient business.

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