Toxoplasmosis has always been a dangerous problem for pregnant ladies. Many doctors advise pregnant ladies to remove cats from the house, which can easily bring about a feeling of nervousness and the trouble of losing your dear companions. Just follow some simple and relatively easy methods, to safeguard yourself and your family members from Toxoplasmosis.

Have you heard the health risks in cat litter and pregnancy combination? This article explains in details about the health problems of a pregnant woman when handling the cat litter box.

The recent article in explains the different ways how cats will spread several millions of Toxoplasma parasites daily in its feces. Find out the ways so that you can avoid spreading Toxoplasmosis disease.

You must know that family cats are not the only or most probable cause of Toxoplasmosis to pregnant women. The chances of getting this problem are less likely when your cat is very slim and always live indoors without hunting outside and eat certain food items like raw meat. You have high chances of getting Toxoplasmosis when you eat undercooked meat or unwashed vegetables than from your cat.

The disease, Toxoplasmosis is caused by Toxoplasmagondii, a protozoan parasite. You will be infected by this disease when you contact cat feces in the cat litter box. A woman infected with this disease before becoming pregnant does not have a threat of this disease to the unborn child. But ladies infected only with the parasite disease during the times of her pregnancy are at risk.

Apart from exposing to this disease through the cat litter box, some people are affected by this disease through other means. Many people are affected by Toxoplasmosis by eating raw meat contaminated with Toxoplasma cysts or contacting contaminated soil.

If you are a pregnant woman, you can be cautious while coming into direct with the cat litter box.

You don’t change the box and also prevent contact with the cat feces. Ask other members in your family to change the cat litter box. If there is no other option other than you to change the cat litter box, wear gloves in your hands when changing and don’t wash the hands completely then. Clean the litter box on a daily basis since the Toxoplasmosis cysts present in the litter box need two days to become infective.

You must wear gloves when working in sand or soil or gardening since neighborhood cats might be using the soil and holds cat feces. It is also good to wear gloves when handling meat so that you can prevent infections.

Wrap your kid’s sandbox when not in use to avoid other cats from infecting the diseases through them.

Foodstuffs like vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. from your garden must be washed completely before consuming. Don’t allow your cat outside and avoid feeding raw meat to the cat. During pregnancy, you must always wash your hands whenever handling or consuming food.

The above easy tips can guide how pregnant women should prevent Toxoplasmosis disease passing from the cat litter box or cat feces so that they can safeguard their unborn child from the risks of Toxoplasmosis.

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