Cloud storage is one of the latest trends in disaster management. Apart from natural disasters, cyber attacks are also common now. You can rely on the cloud to back up valuable data and then use it from any system at any place. However, before adopting the platform, it is always good to know more about it. TrueNorth Cloud Hosting Solutions offers real good advice on the use of cloud and its applications. Going through the below link will also help to get a clear idea of how it works:-

Importance of Business Continuity plan
Business Continuity Plan –BCP is essential in every disaster management program as most business firms can only survive less than an hour of data loss before revenue loss begins to seep in. BCP facilitates protection to your business. IT failure can be critical to most of the companies.There are different types of cloud storage which are used for different priorities. They include Personal cloud storage, Private cloud storage, Public storage, Hybrid Storage.

Advantages of Cloud storage
You can have a look at the advantages of cloud storage.

Protection against hackers
Cloud storage enables multifactor authentication. It provides stronger security controls as well as frequent security patching. This helps to prevent hackers and malware. There is an option for 24-hour monitoring and is useful in preventing workflow disruptions too.

Low cost of operation
The cost of operation is very less compared to other platforms once you install cloud and make use of its storage properties.

Data files stored in the cloud can be accessed from any system .if you have a problem at the office, you can still access the files which have been stored on the cloud from another remote location.Those companies who have adopted cloud can recover their data four times faster than those who have traditional IT support.

Reduces downtime
While storing data on Cloud, you can be assured that the database can be downloaded and put into use with minimum downtime. You can get your business back in no time. There is minimum recovery period involved as the data can be accessed at any time from any system.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage
Cloud storage has a few disadvantages as it is still in the initial phases of being introduced.

Data Security
Since the data can be downloaded anywhere at any time, there is a risk of too many people accessing the data. You need to make sure only authorized employees are given the power to do so.

Downloading software
The software will have to be downloaded and run on more than one system as you need to remotely access the data. The process of downloading it in more than one system may seem tedious at the start.

Need for the internet
Cloud operates only with a valid online connection. You cannot access the file you have stored if there is no internet connection.

Limited Bandwidth
You would need to check with your cloud service provider regarding how much bandwidth can be allowed. Some providers allow unlimited bandwidth whereas others would require additional charges if you exceed the allowed bandwidth.

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